In 2009, I decided to go on this crazy journey: for a year to the US to improve my English, which I barely spoke at that point. As an exchange student, I ended up in North Carolina where I had one of the best years of my life and where my path towards travelling and tourism started. After this experience, I ended up living in six countries and counting as well as travelling five continents so far. Some of my friends and a selection of my family look at me with wonder what I am doing, where I have been and where I am going next. I do sometimes feel sorry for my parents trying to keep up with where I am, for how long and where I am going next.

One of my biggest supporters is my Dad who also brought this crazy thought to me that I should start at least logging where I have been and when, as one day I might struggle to remember. He confided in me because it took him a while to remember when exactly he played chess for 40 hours straight (yes, because that is apparently a thing), 40 years ago. To prevent me from having similar issues, even though I don’t ever see myself play chess for an hour straight, nor 40, he encouraged me to somehow document it for myself which brought me here. This is for me, for my future and for whoever is curious.

So follow me on my journey through different cultures and places along the way.

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