In the year of 2009/10, I lived in the US in Mooresville, North Carolina. There I went to High School and was able to have amazing experiences such as seeing multiple NASCAR races, shooting guns in the backyard, spending many days on the lake tubing, jet skiing and swimming, going to prom, seeing American High School Spirit though American football and cheerleading, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, celebrated in a different culture. Furthermore, it also allowed me to meet amazing people who touched me in many different ways and are still part of my life. During my time in the US, I was able to see places such as Vermont, Boston, Boone, New York City, Washington DC, Maryland for Thanksgiving and Emerald Isle for Spring Break.

It was a great experiencing which came with amazing days but also challenges. I had to learn a lot to improve my English, get used to a different culture and be away from home for the first time at the age of 17. This made me grow immensely as a person from being shy to becoming confident, from being quiet to being outspoken, from being insecure about myself to becoming happy with who I was. Therefore, this time changed me and contributed to who I am today. I would not change anything about it as it paved the stepping stones for my global mindset and of the future I am in now and pursuing constantly.

This demonstrated the first new culture I experienced, the first (and so far only – hopefully, more coming) foreign language I mastered to fluency and the first country I lived in abroad of now over six. This year changed the path I was on and still influences the path I am chasing today.

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  1. Oh my gosh I am based in Cornelius, North Carolina! Too funny!

    • April 23, 2018

      What a small world that is crazy. Yes I passed through it often especially going to Birkdale 🙂

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