HAMBURG 2010 & 2011

The second, third and also last time I ever travelled with my mom alone was to Hamburg. She took me on a few of my first adventures and it felt like a real girls trip. Which indulged culture, foods and girly things such as getting pampered at the hairdressers. We went to Hamburg twice and in my memory, they have blurred into one. The only distinction I can make is that we stayed at two different places. The second time we went, we stayed close to Reeperbahn and it also marked the first time I started realising that Germans can be more open and liberal than I thought.

My mom is a huge role model in my life, even though I always gave her a hard time as a child. She is strong, a perfectionist, independent, very very hardworking and determined. Looking back now I sometimes wish I would have had more understanding towards her. Especially as a teenager but she made me the woman I am today and has always been someone I looked up to. And a driving force who supports me through this crazy journey that is my life. She encountered many challenges in her life and always faced them fearlessly. Always seeing them as something that will make her grow and not as something to complain about. As a woman now myself I see more and more similarities between us and am very thankful for the role model I have.

This trip to Hamburg was a great bonding experience for us but also the last time the two of us travelled together. She does not share my passion for travelling. Even though I always invite my parents to all the various places I live they prefer travelling through my stories, pictures and experiences that I share with them. This year I returned to Hamburg through very different circumstances, reminiscing about the time I had with my mom in this lovely city.

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