There are many things one can say about themselves to try and paint a picture who we are. It is difficult to put thoughts, feelings and personalities into words. I will attempt it for a change. I am in my mid-twenties. I love travelling, have a huge curiosity about too many things and try to find my way through life. Many people in my life see me as a strong, independent person with confidence and not very emotional. Some of these might be true and some of these might also just be a front even though those lines get blurred. Also, I am restless, not ready to settle for anything and still in the search of my “home”. Originally I am from Germany, born and raised but haven’t lived there in over six years and often not sure I would fit back in. I like experiencing new cultures and ideas and constantly searching for something new. Are these kind of things that make me who I am or are other factors more relevant? Who knows.

I created this space for myself to record what I did and what the things that I have experienced did to me. Through this, I want to share the ups and downs travelling and this lifestyle I have with myself and whoever is interested. If there is more you want to find out about me let me know or see if there is more to find in my posts.