In 2009, I decided to go to the US for a year of High School and after I returned, I realised I wanted to study for my degree abroad. First, the idea was always to study in the US but when I got older and realised how expensive it is to study in the US I was a little disappointed but knew I didn’t want to stay in Germany for my studies. Therefore, I looked at alternatives and found out that EU citizens were able to study tuition-free for their bachelor in Scotland. Due to Brexit, this is now not so certain anymore how much longer that will be the case. Nonetheless, when I found that out I wanted to study there.

First, one has to apply through a portal called UCAS to different universities with different documents such as motivational statement. I had grades that were rather mediocre so I wasn’t able to apply to so many universities. Nonetheless, I knew I wanted to do business, especially international business. Therefore, I applied to Edinburgh Napier University for International Business Management – not sure what the others were any more – as I had five choices. Luckily, I got accepted to exactly that course and therefore was able to move to Edinburgh.

I had never before been to Edinburgh nor Scotland but that was more exciting than daunting to me. Even though I hadn’t lived with my parents for years it was my first proper apartment which I wanted to find in Edinburgh. The apartment situation in Edinburgh especially close to the semester start is awful. The competition is crazy and the standard is nothing in comparison to Germany. I remember reading some advertisements for apartments stating that the flat even has double glazing and I remember wondering why this is such a big deal. What I didn’t know was that in contrast to Germany that was not standard to have in Scotland. I saw apartments that had mould and were disgusting but 25 people showed for the viewing and the prices were ridiculous. It was a crazy experience. After a while, I luckily actually found a nice place that I ended up living in for I think three years. In total, I lived in Edinburgh from September 2013 to August 2017 with six months break but to that another time.

It was a huge change but I love change. It has driven my life for now 10 years and I am more used to change than the opposite and it has always excited me. I really liked living in Edinburgh, the atmosphere of students everywhere and the beauty of this old city. It was a great experience living there and I enjoyed my time at the University where I also started to work in various departments. It was a great study experience and it showed me how much I crave change. Do you like change or does it scare you?

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